Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trip Across America...

*J^2* is extcited about the travels of Bryan Banville in his trip across America to discover the root causes of urban poverty in the United States through service learning experiences across the USA.

Bryan's trip will explore Hunger & Homelessness in Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon and San Francisco, California. Youth & Education in Long Beach (& LA) California, Chicago, Illinois and Denver, Colorado. Affordable Housing & Rebuilding Communities in NY, New York, New Orleans, Louisiana and Jacksonville, Florida... And finally, Government & Policy in the nation's capital, Washington D.C. The trip will re-group with a mid-way session (September 22nd, 2010) and culminate in a wrap-up session (October 10th, 2010) hosted by Bryan in Boston, MA.

Enjoy Bryan's documentary via blog @

-JB. 09/09/2010

ps: Missin' Tahoe.

the eye of the mind

keep your sanity
without profanity
head up
eyes forward
thoughts strong
heart full

"be the change you wish to see in the world"

dont be fooled
do good deeds
find a need
make a difference
change the mode of inspiration
via mode of transportation
through the mind
you will find
the right things will take place in due time.

written: 7/27/2010 posted: 9/9/2010 - JB.