Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emerald Bay.

a review of an adventure.
to find a treasure.
the nature
will place
your mind at ease
please you
appease you
venture the rocks and the slides against the clock
each moment you're out there
you don't count the strokes
and the minute hands are jokes
because you are just completely stoked
to be where you are
as you stare out at the bay
it's a perfect kind of day.

May 2011

Monday, May 10, 2010

it's crazy snow. you know.

crazy snow..
in May.. you know..
a willld whirl..
and windy gust..
not sure why
it's an absolute must..
disguised by a secret lust..
a lust in love..
reminding of home..
and what is known..
and now just looking like a light dust..

a zip into town..
just zippin' around..
trip here. trip there..
rollin' upsidedown frowns.
the excitement to get out.
for sure with no doubt.
makes ya wanna flip.
for the chance to dip
and cruise.
at a different altitude.

-JB. 4/10/2010 10:24PM EST (7:24PM PST)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

cinco de mayo. Human Pinata.

An enjoyable evening with a fab' group of staPHers.

Human pinata.

May 2010.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

trippin' to townski.

every now and again we get out..
it's an adventure.
every day around here is an adventure..
but nothing like exploring the town..
there isn't really any way to get bored.
there's plenty to look at.
plenty to do.
running around like a crazy lady
is just plain ol' fun sometimes too.

crazy hats. May 4, 2010

bonfire by the lake in the snowglooskiiii.

zip zip. photo trip.

flowers by my bedside.
rain delay on the playing field.. busy lady = lack of writing.. catchin' up.. here are some digs from the last week or so:

why am i frustrated.
when i should be elated.
everything'z been plated.
outdated and debated.
things inside my head.
are goin' wrong instead.
just want to find my way.
from the path converged today.
wronged. unwronged.
feelin' like i dont belong.
that i'm here.
when my head is there.
a blank stare.
a lacking dare.
too safe.
it's 'cause i care.
i want to be surrounded..
and aware.

un real
lack of deal
allow the sitch'.
being a bitch
crashin' down
trying not to frown.
feet on the ground.
but i slip when it's wet
intoxicated.. yet eyes wide
open with a sense of pride.. for self
i want to yelp..
for help..
but alas i'm lost inside myself.

inner workings
continuous jerking.. around.
again, we're back at the frown.
leave me alone.
a crazy day.
i want to play.
but don't want to play.
stay away
from all the uggh.
and it just bugs and bugs and bugs.
just want to work and work and work.
stop feelin' like a jerk. a jerk. a jerk.
and when i'm done
i feel no fun.
let's just be gone.
be gone
singin' my favorite song.
inside my head
and go to bed
and wake up and be me.
with my best friend.

my bestest friend.
there is no end
with you and me.
i feel is just the place i want to be.

-JB. 4/25/2010 12:24AM PST (3:24AM EST)
(re-written 5/1/2012)