Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Huffy Puffy.. It's not what you think..

Huffy Puffy Huffington Post had a great article that was re-posted on Marblehead YMCA's website.. and now i will be re=posting here..

The post recommends ways to keep you accountable when starting a new workout regiem.. I have been trying to "start" this for almost two months now.. and no, I haven't seen much progress. Instead, I have just been getting more and more disappointed in myself by the day... guidances and suggestions welcome..

"Each night, set out (or pack) both your workout clothes and any gear you need for the next day's workout, then set them somewhere you'll see them when you first wake up"


AND.. mapping/scheduling workouts..

"Let's be realistic: If your life is anywhere as busy as mine (and I bet it is), exercise just isn't going to happen unless you map out time for it. I plan my workouts on Sunday evenings for the coming week. Here's the key: I always try to schedule an extra session so I if I do end up canceling one last-minute, I'm covered"

My days tend to be as busy as ever when school is in session. If I don't schedule a workout, then it most likely doesn't happen. I hope to be more accountable and to schedule my workouts weekly. my hope is that that I feel more accomplished by the end of the day/week.

Until tomorrow..


FIT it in the schedule.. :)

Sooooo it's been a while..

I've been trying to incorporate more fitness into my life.
This means less "butt on the couch" and more "let's boogie oogie oogie 'til we just can't boogie no more"..

I've been welcomed into a new world of fitness. I've tansformed my Turbe Jam workouts into Turbo Fire workouts... and I hope this eventually turns into more trips to the gym.. and excited outlook.. and better comfort in the active lifestyle that I strive for..
Most importantly... i'm marrying the man of my dreams in AUGUST!!! WOOO HOOO!!! :)

And I look forward to the journey that we will share together as a married couple.. :)