Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"It's the life in your years.." inspired by 'Honest Abe'

Nothing like getting some inspiration emailed to you daily..
Today's inspiration comes from the one and only "Honest Abe"..

"And in the end.. it's not the years in your life that count..
It's the life in your years.."
— Abraham Lincoln: (16th president of the United States)

Thanks Abe.. What a babe..
I'm pretty sure Abe..
would like us to misbehave..
stray from the ordinary..
do something extraordinary..
make us stop counting..
and involve a bit of clowning..
instead of just drowning in age.. in a cage..
take the stage..
for it is not up to us to gauge..
nor appraise.. the days..
looking back..
we react to the attack of old age..
'cause there are better things in life to find..
let life's adventures define..

and whatever the weather.. what it's like to be happy all the time.. :)


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