Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trippin' to Tahoe: toast to greatness..

desert.. building. desert. Building.. rv parks.. and on a mission.. yes i'm wishin',, missin' missin'.. i wanna go boatin'.. boatin' & fishin'.. figure it out.. that's just they way it goes.. take it as it comes.. in two months it'll've been done.. but experience and take a chance and don't give in, just listen, listen.. hear out what it is you want to say, today.. tomorrow. slow down.. just take care of today, and then figure tomorrow, and know nothing of sorrow or sadness.. dont let there be madness.. and find more of who you are.. and where you'll be is not far.. whether traveled by heart, or traveled by car.. just keep your head on straight.. don't let it pass you by, don't wait.. let tahoe be tahoe.. and the days will define your fate..

(in love forever with the one i miss the most, yes i will boast.. and when i' home we shall toast).. to greatness..

April 13th, 2010 (4:45pm/11:53pm EST)

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