Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the wiillld flower.. :)

"You belong among the wildflowers.." so he said..

But i know where i belong..

with you..

and you with me..

I believe in where i'm going..
And know that it will clear my head..
I am out on an adventure..
My feet are strong.. and i shall tread..

I'll create my own two foot steps..
And then they'll multiply by millions..
While my heart and love grows stronger..
By the billions and quadrillions..

I have seen a strength inside of me..
that i've never seen before..
Realizing who i am.. i'm me.. and then i'm so much more..

I am dainty, cute, and silly sweet.. and love so many things..
But there's only one guy out there, that makes me sing & sing & sing..
He's sees the sparkle in my eye.. matched with a twinkle in my smile..
And love, it knows no distance.. even if a trillion miles..

So be with me, and i with you..
as i adventure way out west..
And always hold me in your heart..
where you know i fit the best..



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