Monday, August 8, 2011

368 days.. 45lbs.

Today is a day to be inspired.

A day to decide.

A day to..
- create an exercise plan..

A day to..
- start a food journal..

A day to..
- feel the way I want to and be happy in my own skin..

A day to..
- feel good about myself..

A day to..
- take responsibility for how I feel..

If I don't start taking responsibility.. I won't be happy.
I will lose myself in life's chaos..
I will lose myself to the stressors around me..
I will lose myself to the neglect of myself..
And I don't like to lose!

Today marks the beginning of my "health in my 20s".. (my elder 20s)..

Today's Date: August 8th, 2011
Today's weight: Too Much to take myself seriously..
Goal: Lose 45 lbs in 368 days (& look absolutely beautiful on my wedding day).. :)

Today's Workout: Turbo Jam (1 Hour of Cardio), Shake Weight (10 Minutes of shakin'), Balance Board (10 minutes of balance activity), Sleep (yes, more than 5 hours of sleep tonight)..

Today's diet/calories: Banana (90), 1/2 an Ice Coffee (100), plain vanilla yogurt (110), pbchip granola bar (100), slimfast shake (190), 4 bottles of water, gatorade frost (50), bbq chicken pizza (today's treat, 500). Fudgicle (60). Total: 1120

Good Luck. And may your mind and body be at peace. :)



  1. I'll support you. I suggest livestrong as a tracker, it's an amazing tool. Can we workout together on the weekends?!
    And feel free to call me if you're ever having a weak moment - boys aren't always helpful because they can eat SO MUCH! I'll have your back during this journey. Proud of you for taking it on!

  2. thanks seeeeeeeeessterrr!!! :)