Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Health is a Blessing.. Day 3!

doDay 3..

"Health is a Blessing. Who would argue that? To have good health is one of the joys of life. When we are healthy, we are better able to serve our fellowman and do the Lord's work." - S.Horne.

Bless that I have the strength in myself to feel happy in my own skin.

 I trulybelieve in blessings and that God is always watching over and testing our strengths. Whether it be physical or emotional, strength serves its purpose in survival, living a healthy lifestyle, and helps the muscles in our mind and body grow.

Today I am growing, most in mind.
I am learning more about who I am and who i'd like to be.

I have recently had a run-in with, (no, not forrest gump.. although, yes.. He was "runnin'..")..
with an emotional and erruption of the mind.... close to me and my heart.

I know I must be strong in helping, by being supportive, not taking on others 'problems'.

The errupting lava of this life's volcano has paved over the past and made new roads to travel upon.
The volcano still continues to bubble and boil.
The volcano still holds in the heat of an impending argument.
May the lord be with this precious volcano and may errupt in subtle peace.
And with its peace... strength, concentration, and focus..

Bless and be blessed, by default..

And now.. for today's F&E portion:

Today's (FOOD) meals: fruit cup, banana (90), yogurt (100), 8oz coffee with cream (60), pb chip granola bar (100), ...

Today's (EXERCISE) training sesh': ...

Love, JB.

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